Great Dreams

Lady Liberty has been a beacon of hope welcoming scores of dreamers to America’s shores for many decades. The role Ellis Island played in our nation’s history is so immense it is estimated that...


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Breaking Through the Winter of Adversity: How to Melt Freezing Adversity in Life's Invincible Summer

We all run into adversity in life – and usually we move through it with minimal pain and suffering. But there are times in our lives when the adversity is so great that seems like a bitter, endless winter. We feel cold and disconnected from everything that we once knew.


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Celebrating Our Nation’s Fallen Heroes

Memorial Day is a holiday when many of us gather with those we love and celebrate the many gifts that are ours because of the amazing freedoms that we enjoy in this nation that we live.


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The Perfect Time to Reframe, Renew, and Revitalize

Easter is a significant spiritual holiday for many people around the world. But it is also about celebrating the renewal and the birth of Springtime along with the emergence of new goals and dreams.


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The Power of Blessing Others

Our words have great influence in the lives of those around us, and spoken affirmations or “blessings” can bring hope, encouragement, and direction to our families, friends, and others.


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