Building Block 2 - Design and Test Your Dream


The vast majority of people cannot answer the following question;

“What is your dream?”  Can you?

In Part 1 we delved into Discovering Your Dream.  How are you feeling about the dream that you discovered?  Does it truly portray the life you would love living?  If you believe so, then you are ready to move on to Part 2, which is designing and testing your dream. 

In this Part 2 of the Building Blocks of Manifestation, we will aim to answer one main question, is your dream really the right one for you?

So often people go after their dreams without really doing the necessary work in making sure that their dream is the best fit for them.  Even if a dream sounds great, it’s not always what the universe has in store for us.  We must make sure the dream fits well in every area of our lives and that the “dream” is worthy of us.  Not if “we” are worthy of the dream.

Designing Your Dream

Now, before we test our dream, we need to design it.  When designing a blueprint for a life that you will love, your dreams should encompass all areas of your life.  Let’s focus on the four domains of life listed below.

  1. Health
  2. Relationships
  3. Career (Vocation)
  4. Financial (Time & Money Freedom)

You want to create a complete Vision for your dream life.  The way to go about this, so it is manageable, is to write out your dream life in each of these areas individually.  When doing so, use as much vivid description of this area of your life that you can think of.  What are you doing?  Where are going? How are you feeling?  What do you see, smell, taste, touch, hear? Be sure to write this new Vision for your life using presence tense statements, as if you are already living that life.

An example of this might be; “I love driving with the top down in my yellow Ferrari as I drive down the shore highway to my work studio in Malibu.  I love seeing the waves crashing in, the smell of the ocean air and sounds of the seagulls in the morning...”

You would not want to write; “I will buy a new car, so I can enjoy driving to work.”

Leave out any and all forward-looking words, such as “will” and “can”, and be more descriptive.  Push yourself to be more descriptive than you ever have before.  This is your life, what would you love it to be like?

Again, remember, the question is not whether you are worthy of the dream, but whether the dream is worthy of you.

Testing Your Dream

Now that you have designed a new vision for your dream life, a life you would love living, let’s answer a few questions that will test your dream and determine if this dream is worthy of you.  Worthy of all that you will need to do, to have that life.

We will test your dream using the following questions:

  1. Does it give me life?
  2. Does it align with my core values?
  3. Does it require me to grow?
  4. Will I need help from a higher power?
  5. Is there good in this dream for others?

Does it give me life? - If you were living this dream, would you wake up every day and say, “I love my life”?

Does it align with my core values? - You have core values that are deep within you.  You core values should not be compromised, so does your dream align with these?

Does it require me to grow? - Your dream may scare you and that’s okay!  A dream should stretch you in uncomfortable directions and force you to grow as a person.

Will I need help from a higher power? - More than likely you do not have all the answers, or all the resources, to make your dream come to fruition.  Will you need some things to happen that are outside your known ability to make, in order to achieve this dream?  The solution is out there; it’s just a matter of you making it welcome, so that it can make its way to you.

Is there good in this dream for others? - We are on this earth to serve ourselves, as well as others; therefore we must be sure our dream will do just that.

You want a resounding YES to each of these questions.

Did your dream pass the test?  If you weren’t able to confidently answer 'yes' to all five of the above questions, go back and reflect on your vision.  Maybe you are not dreaming big enough?  Or maybe only a few pieces of the dream need to change to align with the above questions.  Take the time now to make the necessary changes so you will feel confident in pursuing the dream that is right for you.

“Set a goal to achieve something that is so big, so exhilarating
that it excites you and scares you at the same time.”

-  Bob Proctor

Once your dream has passed the test, you are ready to move to the next step, which is Part 3 – Increasing Your Sense of Deserving.

Take Care & Take Charge - In Your Life and Business!

In success,

-- Robert.

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