Building Block 3 - Increase Your Sense of Deserving


Now that your dream has been designed and tested, in Part 2 of the Building Blocks of Manifestation, you are ready to move on to Part 3, which is increasing your sense of deserving.

Do you feel that you are deserving of the dream you have designed?  Many people wonder if they are really worthy of having their dreams come true.  This is a very common feeling and in this blog post I will provide strategies that will assist you in shifting that mindset. 

You are deserving, because you are breathing!

You must remember that no matter what has happened in your life, you deserve to be happy, because you are a living human being!  The key here is that you need to make room for more good in your life.  You can start this by opening up your mind, and your heart, to all of the infinite possibilities that the universe holds; to make your dreams come true.

Now, this may sound a little on the “woo woo” side of things, but know that increasing your sense deserving is a critical component to activating the Law of Attraction.

Below are seven things that you can practice, on a daily basis if possible, to help shift your mind and to allow for an increased sense of deserving:

  1. Surround yourself with people that are living the life that you are moving toward, not the life that you are coming from.
  2. Be careful with the words you use.  Get rid of negative thoughts, words and feelings.  Instead, as examples, you can use the phrase; “Up Until Now...”   -  “Up until now, I was an emotional eater” or “Up until now, I was terrible with money.”
  3. Shift your perception, so that you are ready for change.  This is not bout being a human having a spiritual experience.  You are a spiritual being having a human experience; therefore you have the power to create whatever you want.
  4. Read your vision every day, twice a day, and tell yourself a new story about yourself.  Talk about how your life will be when you achieve your dreams, not how your life is, or has been in the past.
  5. Increase the gratefulness in your life.  Write down 5 things that you are grateful for.  As you write them down, actually feel your gratitude for each of them.  Then each morning, review your gratitude list and add one more item.  Doing this for 30 days will get you in the habit of being grateful.
  6. Make a list of your successes – remember how you felt when you had those successes and allow yourself to celebrate them.

Practicing the items above will help you realize that you are in charge of your own life and not a victim of circumstance.  Increase your sense of deserving, as that will open up your magnetic field to attract those things that you really want.

Congratulations!  You have now completed Part 3, and the Blueprinting Phase of the Building Blocks of Manifestation.  You are now ready to move on to the next step, which is Part 4 – Befriending Your Fear.

Take Care & Take Charge - In Your Life and Business!

In success,

-- Robert.

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