Building Block 8 - Create a Support System

In Building Block 8, which is the second step in the Building phase of the Building Blocks of Manifestation, we learn how to create a support system and also how to train our minds to continue to accelerate towards our dreams. 

While we each have to take the first step to change our lives, we don’t have to do it alone.  As humans, we can't and shouldn't go it alone.  When we make big changes, we need to be sure we have a strong support system in place to help us along.  We should surround ourselves with like-minded people to help stabilize and encourage us to continue to move towards the life we want to live.

Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich, studied 500 of the wealthiest people and found that they consistently surrounded themselves with what he called a 'mastermind' group.  A mastermind group is two or more people that join together and support each other in a collective experience. 

A mastermind group includes the following benefits:

  1. Tap into Infinite Intelligence – the group recognizes that infinite intelligence exists and that they can access the mind of the infinite.
  2. Tap into Collective Experience – each person in the group brings different experiences and view points.
  3. Tap into Partners Who Believe – they can believe in you when you have a hard time believing in yourself.

To begin creating a support system through a mastermind group, start with the following:

  1. Find a partner in believing.  Identify 3 people who could be partners in believing and talk with at least one of them about being a mastermind partner.  You should be able to meet and talk with them every week.
  2. Be a partner in believing.  Identify 5 people you believe in (in their power, in things that are bigger than their circumstances).  Write one belief about each one of them.  Contact each one of them and share your belief with them.

As we continue to accelerate towards our dreams, we need to train our minds so that life’s circumstances don’t get in our way.  Remember, your dream will not happen from the mind that doesn’t believe that it is possible.  We need to begin to think more and more like the mind of the person who is living the life we dream of. 

To help us in this process, there are 3 disciplines of the mind: 

  1. The Power of Decision – Raymond Charles Barker wrote in his book The Power of Decision, “Know what you want, decide that it will happen, and act upon the decision.”
  2. The Power of Question – Learn to formulate bigger questions.  There is no question you can ask for which there is not an answer. 
  3. The Power of Alignment – We must stay aligned with our purpose and our vision to continue on the path of the life we want. 

When faced with challenges in your life, turn to the following 5 step process to help you stay in alignment with your purpose:

  1. God Is (realization) – There is one presence, one power, one life.
  2. I Am (recognition) – I am part of the one presence and one power.
  3. The Truth Is (discernment) – There is a power in the Universe that is bigger than anything I am facing right now.
  4. I Release (release) – Let go of the fearful thoughts and feel as if everything is working out.
  5. I am Grateful (gratitude) – Be grateful that the answer exists.

Using the power of decision, write a list of 1 – 3 things that you decide to remove from your life in order to accelerate the path to your dream.  Continue to clear things in your life that don't fit with your purpose and drive.  

In the next Building Block of Manifestation, we will discuss how to turn failure from a stumbling block to a stepping stone.

Take Care & Take Charge - In Your Life and Business!

In success,

-- Robert.

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