If Not Now, When?


Like most mornings, with cup of coffee in hand, I settle in for the reading portion of my morning routine.  I read almost every morning, before moving on to writing something.  Today, as I placed my phone on the sofa next to me, I glanced at the screen and I noticed a few Instant Messenger notifications.  This is unusual for 6:30am, so I took a closer look.

Over the past few years, I have developed a strong personal and professional relationship with my Mastermind partners, a group of five men that included myself and four others. I have come to truly respect and care about these guys.  We all receive love, support, and encouragement for the work each of us wants to do in the world...and we are all doing it.

I live in the Western United States, one lives Central, and three near the East coast, and at 55 years of age, I am the oldest. The messages on my phone were coming from 2 of the guys on the East Coast, informing us the other had a massive heart attack and was in an induced coma. 

As I sat there in a bit of shock, my thoughts quickly moved to how fragile life is, then to thinking of what have I not taking action on in my life, to a strong desire around that same question for all my clients and friends, and you!

I put down my book and decided to write to you, instead of read today.  Out of respect for all involved I will not use any real names.  Let’s call my my friend who now lies in a coma, Tom.

Over the past 3 years I have seen Tom, over and over again, accomplish things that only weeks or months prior, he thought impossible to achieve.  This is true for all the men in this group, and although we support each other in many ways, my message today is not about the value of a Mastermind.

It is simply to remind us all that having a strong desire to do something, backed by continual, sometimes imperfect action, is what moves us closer to achieving that which we want most, and that we do not have ‘all the time in the world’ to do it.

So, what is it that you truly desire and when are you going to start taking continual actions to achieve it.  If not now, when?

I am so blessed to work with so many Coaches, helping them to implement business processes and technology systems that help move them closer to what they truly want.  I am also extremely proud of what I have built, for not giving up when it wasn’t working out, for continuing to take the actions I could see, and for believing that my vision would serve thousands and through my work, impact millions of lives.

When President John F. Kennedy asked Dr. Wernher Von Braun; “what it would take to build a rocket that could carry a man to the moon and bring him back safely to the Earth”, Von Braun answered him in five words, “The will to do it.”

What is it that you want to achieve?  Do you have the will to do it?

Most of the goals you will define for yourself will probably be a little less daunting to achieve than putting someone on the moon, but if the results you are getting suggest you might not yet have the will to do it, I hope this will help you cultivate that and stick with it.  The world is waiting for you to do so.

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Take Care & Take Charge - In Your Life and Business!

In success,

-- Robert.



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