Uploading Your Content - Feature or Trap?


There are many online technology tools, also know as SAAS (Software As A Service) products, on the market that are useful and downright necessary to build a successful Coaching business.  But even the most necessary and powerful tools may not have your best interests in mind.

Sure, they offer great services and products, ranging from business websites; to CRM’s (Customer Relationship Management); to membership platforms, and so on… all delivering a piece of the puzzle that essentially enables you to reach more people with your content and to transact business. 

Great, right?  Maybe not.

The key to your success lies in your IP (Intellectual Property), which more simply stated is your content.  So, when a software products offers you a product feature to upload your content into their product, that seems like a really good, and perhaps a convenient and easy to use function, right?

Well, in this scenario, you are essentially uploading your IP to that company's servers, which you only have access to if you continue to pay your subscription.  This is all well and good, if you never find yourself in a position of wanting to discontinue that service.  Perhaps they have continually raised their fees, or consistently provided poor service, or just have too many technical problems.

The list of reasons to want to move to a different product are almost endless, but if you have ever found yourself in this situation, you have been faced with the challenge of “what do I do with all of my content that is stored on their servers?”

The answer lies in never uploading your IP to their servers in the first place.

What you should consider is establishing an account with a Cloud Storage provider.  Yes, this is another SAAS product, but one whose purpose is solely to securely store and distribute your content to any web page or product, anywhere on the Internet.

Cloud Storage services, also known as Content Server solutions, are low cost, sometimes free, and are product agnostic.  They offer you the ability to deliver your content to the world, using all the great features of other SAAS products, without being locked into or held hostage by these other SAAS product companies, because they have your content.

Vimeo is a perfect example.  A video on Vimeo may be embedded to any web page, yet all your videos are stored in a single location.  In an account that you control.

You also get to control all the settings on each video, as to whether or not you video display the player controls or not, etc.

Well, you should consider putting ALL your other IP, audio recordings, worksheets, workbooks, ebooks, and all other types of files, into a similar Cloud Storage. 

There are many Cloud Storage services out there, and the one I use is Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service).  It’s inexpensive, has a global reach, extremely reliable, and backed by one of the largest companies in the world.

I have no affiliation with either Vimeo or Amazon Web Services.  These are just great products that will serve you in the long run, by storing all your physical content there, then importing your content into whatever products need those resources.

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