The Power Of Unconditional Love


Just as the sun shines upon the earth with it's constant life-giving beams, a heart filled with unconditional love gives without any expectation and with no strings attached. A love like that can change someone else’s life and the world we live in completely.

When we allow ourselves to understand the impact our actions have, not only on ourselves but the planet...

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If Not Now, When?


Like most mornings, with cup of coffee in hand, I settle in for the reading portion of my morning routine.  I read almost every morning, before moving on to writing something. 

Today, as I placed my phone on the sofa next to me, I glanced at the screen and I noticed...

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The #1 Reason Why Most Coaches Fail


Did you know that your own self image will make or break your ability to achieve your goals and the success you see for yourself?

It's true – What you believe about your ability to use or understand technology to grow your Coaching business will determine what you do and do not achieve.

If you’re a Coach, you of course already you know this and in today’s world, I believe everyone understands that...

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6 Steps To Coaching Business Success


We’ve all heard about the failure rate of small business in the United States.  Usually something like 8 of 10 small business will fail in the first year. 

Well, I have learned that this is blown way out of proportion.

The reality is that the failure rate is closer to 35% within 2 years and goes up to nearly 50% after 4 years.  Still, if 1 out of every 2 Coaches will fail within 4 years, that is...

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Uploading Your Content - Feature or Trap?


There are many online technology tools, also know as SAAS (Software As A Service) products, on the market that are useful and downright necessary to build a successful Coaching business. 

But even the most necessary and powerful tools may not have your best interests in mind.

Sure, they offer great services and products, ranging from business websites; to CRM’s... 

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Benefits of Blogging for Business


For many business owners, once their website is launched for the world to see, they feel they are done with their online presence.

This is far from the truth and can be hurting their business growth.  It is important, for many reasons, to continuously update your website and provide...

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Why an Email List is Essential


You have more than likely heard the advice to begin building an email list when you first started your coaching business. 

Many people disregard this advice in the beginning, mostly because they just don't know how to get started or simply have a fear of using new technology. 

Either way, they end up kicking themselves for it later.

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Creating A Personal Mission Statement


Gaining a clear understanding of your life’s purpose is an amazing process, but if you don’t have a defined mission, that purpose isn’t being put into action. 

You must define a clear mission statement for yourself that describes your purpose.

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Discovering Your Life's Purpose


From a very early age we are asked what we want to be when we grow up.  As children, we usually have a quick answer to this (although it may change quite often).

We are able to contemplate it for years and years, but when we become adults we have no idea what we are really meant to do.

Many of us go off to college and pursue things that we are most interested in, only to find that...

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Building Block 10 - Harvest Your Dream


Congratulations, you have completed the Blueprinting, Bridging and Building phases of the Dream Building process! 

Building Block 10 is the only step in the final phase of the process, we call this phase - Becoming.  As you progress...

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